Good is green not lime

lime-scooter vs good-go-on-demand

Lime electric scooter and Good, Go On Demand launching in Cape Town

Electric bike, bicycles and scooter rental company GO ON DEMAND launch Cape Town in 2019 with Lime launching its service in Cape Town later in 2020.

The GO ON DEMAND ‘GOod’ initial fleet of bicycles, ebikes and scooters will be available at ‘strategic and privately-owned locations throughout the city.

GOnow, GO on-demand, a Cape Town based ebike company spearheaded and lead the way forward with technology and innovation in South Africa since 2016, and we’re excited to be a part of the story.

Our mission is to leave every day better than we found it. Not only for South Africans living in and travelling to Cape Town but for everyone, for a better tomorrow. THAT’s GOOD!