Cape Town

Good news, GO ON DEMAND makes getting around easier and more fun. Just download the app and go... now!

How to GO


    Register right in the app.
    It’s fast and easy.

  • HOP ON

    Use the app to locate the nearest GO and start your ride.

  • AND GO

    To the beach. To work. On an adventure. Wherever life takes you.

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Simple Pricing

R1 unlock fee.
50c / minute. 


Our commitments to the people & the city

We pride ourselves on our values and they guide us in everything that we do. So that we make each day better than we found it. Better is good and we try to be better.
We operate with local authorities. We work as a team every step of the way.


Our vehicles feature wheels, optimised to go forward. That’s to say we use all the latest safety features to ensure a safe ride.
We design our vehicles for shared use and build them with durability in mind. To make sure they can go the distance, our in-house mechanics continuesly inspect and (when necessary) repair at our local maintenance centers.
We work with teams of dedicated, trained professionals who clean and maintain our fleet and oversee all ground operations. All our staff members are locals who have the best interests of this city at heart.
City officials can contact our 24/7 hotline for around-the-clock problem solving for any issues related to our fleet. A dedicated, local GM who stays on top of things.
We actively educate our users on road safety and correct parking. Our local teams will hold regular on-site demos and trainings.
We share all anonymized trip data with municipalities, including trip details and fleet information. This data will help paint an accurate picture of current traffic flows and will be helpful in the city planning of bike lanes and parking zones.
We take our users’ data privacy very seriously and comply with all GDPR requirements.
We are happy to collaborate and integrate with existing public transportation services (through API and MaaS). We work on custom solutions for this city.
Our vehicles are made to last. When a vehicle is no longer roadworthy, we reuse every non-affected part, recycle any damaged parts and responsibly dispose of parts that cannot be recycled.

Our riding team

Our founding team is made up of experts in shared mobility, city partnerships and the latest in tech.